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Agro daraa SARL

Agro daraa SARL

AGRODARAA is a Moroccan company dedicated to providing quality products of Morocco. A very large part is in the cultivation of c…

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Agriculture - agronomie

Descriptif de la mission :

Agrodaraa operates farms to provide quality products from Morocco. We offer high quality fresh products such as Clementines: Nour, Bruno, Eurogrand, Watermelons and melons: Delta.

Agro Daraa also develops innovative solutions in Cooperation with Adi Solar Energy SARL, such as : Smart farming using IoT and Aritifficial intelligence, Solar Solutions, Video surveillance and Automatic controls.

Les missions : 

Optimisation d'une production sous serre et plein champ en utlilisant les technonologies de pointe de Smart Farming

Participation aux operations de plantations, suivi des elevages.