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Agro daraa SARL

Agro daraa SARL

AGRODARAA is a Moroccan company dedicated to providing quality products of Morocco. A very large part is in the cultivation of c…

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Agriculture - agronomie

Descriptif de la mission :

Agrodaraa operates farms to provide quality products from Morocco. We offer high quality fresh products such as Clementines: Nour, Bruno, Eurogrand, Watermelons and melons: Delta.

Agro Daraa also develops innovative solutions in Cooperation with Adi Solar Energy SARL, such as : Smart farming using IoT and Aritifficial intelligence, Solar Solutions, Video surveillance and Automatic controls.


Optimization d'une production sous serre et plein champ en utlilisant les technonologies de pointe de Smart Farming

Participation aux operations de plantation, suivi des elevages.

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